• Chapter Eight

    17th Aug 2019 by

    I lay in bed that night, the drawl of the radio downstairs relaying the facts of Dayna’s murder. Facts that were wrong, facts that contradicted the news report on the TV a mere hour earlier. I stood up and slammed my bedroom door shut, desperate to drown out the noise. To drown out the speculation.… Read more

  • Chapter Seven

    13th Aug 2019 by

           I was back in the police stations interrogation room. It was humid and stuffy; the Summer storm hadn’t done much to clear the air. I was relieved that Officer Clark wasn’t there, but once I met the inspector they’d called in from Inverness, I would have done anything to have him back. Inspector David… Read more

  • Chapter Six

    7th Aug 2019 by

    I had always read about people in shock thinking and doing bizarre things, but this was the first time I had experienced it. As I bent over her listless body, tears falling,!all I could think about was how she was wearing red. Dayna hated red; she always decried it as “not her colour.” It took… Read more

  • Chapter Five

    4th Aug 2019 by

          Mum insisted we have a “nice, family dinner” that night. I helped set the table, listening to Dayna’s parents give an emotional appeal for her safe return on the radio as I did so. I glanced over at mum who was dishing up, her eyes filling with tears.        “Blair will you please turn… Read more

  • Chapter Four

    1st Aug 2019 by

           I sat in the interview room of the station house, on the most uncomfortable chair imaginable. The atmosphere in the room was even more unsettling. Sergeant Andrews and Scott – sorry, Officer Clark – sat opposite me. Andrew’s expression was blank, making her impossible to read. Scott, on the other hand, eyed me with… Read more

  • Chapter Three

    29th Jul 2019 by

           The body was not Dayna’s. A breath of relief swept over the village when Sergeant Andrews announced it the following day. Of course, I already knew that. The body had decayed completely to a skeleton, there was no way Dayna would have had enough time to become such a shell of her previous self.… Read more

  • Chapter Two

    26th Jul 2019 by

           Where are you Dayna? That was the question on everybody’s lips the first two days of the search. The villages’ two police cars took turns patrolling “Main Street” – which is really the only street in Kirkleithen. A long, potholed road that spans four miles along the coast, a church at one end, the… Read more

  • Chapter One

    22nd Jul 2019 by

    The Murder Sessions By Rebecca Allan Excerpt from the Murder Sessions Podcast Episode 100 – “To Perish with Passion” This episode was recorded on the night Dayna Khalid disappeared and has not been released to the public. – Sgt. A Andrews Blair: Good evening Bloodlusters’ and welcome to the one hundredth episode of The Murder… Read more

  • The Murder Sessions

    18th Jul 2019 by

    The Murder Sessions is an episodic murder mystery story, with episodes released twice a week. Follow the story of Blair Campbell in the sleepy Highland town of Kirkleithen. After her best friend is brutally murdered, True Crime enthusiast Blair takes it upon herself to investigate. As she begins to unravel the secrets of the townspeople… Read more

  • Chapter Nine

    24th Aug 2019 by

           Dayna’s funeral was a couple of days later, and at first, I was reluctant to attend. The look of rage in Mr Khalid’s eye, the way he had thrown me out of the hotel; would he throw me out of her funeral as well? The night before her funeral, I was washing up the… Read more

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